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Corporate Finance and Careers

Corporate finance can be a broad term relating to a variety of ways that a company deals with their capital and finances. From accountants in Kent to brokers in the city, there are a wide range of professional roles associated with corporate finance. Including actions and techniques for dealing with funding and the structure of capital, primary concerns with this type of finance in a company include implementing strategies, short term financial planning and long term maximising of shareholder value. If you are interested in corporate finance, the following careers all include this field:


  • Reporting accountants – Investors, buyers and investment funds may hire reporting accountants specialising in corporate finance to ensure the finances of a company are in order.
  • Lawyers – Solicitors can work with corporate finance for legal advice and diligence.
  • Brokers – In order to raise capital for transactions and to provide advice, brokers use corporate finance.
  • Corporate finance advisors – Advisors for corporate finance can work at investment banks, independent firms, or professional accountancy firms.
  • Private equity providers – Venture capital professionals and private equity providers who are engaging in selling, purchasing and providing finances for business use corporate finance.
  • Company executives and directors – Most executives and directors of a company will use corporate finance on a regular basis. Techniques and strategies are most used in transactions and a variety of projects that relate to accountancy, capital, investment, and much more. Using the correct type of accounting will ensure corporate development is supported.

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