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Tips for Washing Your Kitchen Floor with a Sponge

Although the mop is the most popular way to clean your kitchen floor, it is not always the most thorough way. Kitchens Brighton and nationwide are mostly cleaned by mops, sponges and if you’re lucky, a steam cleaner. The majority of people assume washing the kitchen floor by hand is much more difficult and tiring compared to using a mop. Although you can stand when mopping and it is necessary to kneel when hand washing, it is about the same amount of labour. Kneeling on the floor helps you to clean the floor in a much more thorough way as you can notice the dirty details, plus mops tend to leave residue behind. Here are a few tips for washing your kitchen floor with a sponge.

  • Make sure to run the vacuum over the flooring before you begin to clean. This will remove any dirt and dust particles, along with crumbs and hair that you don’t want blocking up your sponge.
  • Keep a bucket of water and cleaning liquid mix with you on the floor, to save having to get up regularly to rinse the sponge.
  • Pour a small amount of soapy water on to the floor before you scrub. This makes the kitchen floor easier to clean, rather than just using a wet sponge.
  • Use an old dish washing sponge to clean the floors, or a microfibre cloth. Make sure the quality of the sponge or cloth is durable enough for scrubbing.


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