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Toilet Buying 101: What To Consider When Buying A Toilet

All households at some stage need to clean the toilet. There are two types of toilets available. The one piece and the two-piece units. The one piece is a complete unit and is more expensive to purchase than the two-piece unit. It can be much heavier and harder to install, but is said to be much easier to clean.

The two piece has the actual toilet bowl section as a separate piece to the cistern. They are not as heavy being in two pieces and are easier to install, but have more section that require a clean.

There are a number of different heights available. The choice of this will depend on the height and size of the person. A high toilet may be more suited to a taller person, whereas the lower style toilet would probably suit someone of a shorter stature. This is a choice that requires thinking about as it can make a difference for back and knee comfort. Although children have difficulty with the height of a toilet, there are aids that can be put in place to assist with this problem. A step up and an insert bowl are two things that can be added for children.

When replacing an old toilet with another it may be cheaper to find one that fits straight into that section on the floor. Allow for baseboard thickness and any other measurements that are required to make it a suitable fit.

Always make sure the new toilet is going to fit into the bathroom or other room it is going into. Changing the size of the toilet may cause problems with drawers or doors that don’t open properly. This may be because the new toilet is of a larger size. Always measure the area thoroughly before adding to it, as some quality bathrooms can be quite small.

Toilet cisterns can come in different models. Having a dual flush toilet gives the option of a larger of smaller flush depending on what is needed. There are both gravity operated and pressure assisted models. The latter is a costlier option than the gravity operated. Researching choices is a good option.


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