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What Are The Different Floor Tiles Available?

When looking at different tiles its interesting to know how these are made and where they come from. One of the popular varieties such as ceramic is made from raw materials which include clay mineral products. This raw material is put through a number of processes to produce the finished ceramic tile. Feldspar a natural mineral plus added chemicals are required in the process of shaping the tile. This variety has many shades and sizes.

Travertine another type of tile comes from limestone that has been formed from mineral rich hot springs. A natural product that often contains a swirly pattern or fibrous look, it comes in a number of earthy colours from white to rusty shades. There are a number of different sizes and styles.

Porcelain another beautiful gloss tiles product is made through various processes. Raw components are certain types of clay, plus flint, silica and feldspar. These natural products are put through a number of processes before firing at a high temperature to produce a high-quality tile. These particular tiles are available in a number of colours, textures and sizes.

A very different style of tile is the wood look. These tiles are made from porcelain and ceramic and are styled to have the look of a wood finish. Wood is a difficult product under damp conditions and is prone to rot and other problems, however this tile product is very suitable for such places as as laundries and bathrooms. The wood look tile can be used in many areas to look like timber floors or walls. There are a number of styles, shapes and sizes that are available.


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