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What Does A Builder Do?

Thinking of a builder conjures up different thoughts for different people. Some who have had little or no experience with builders in Watford may see them as someone who does everything related to building or renovations. Others who have hired a builder know that they do specific work.

Before a house can be constructed it needs to be planned out by an architect, and this is where the blueprint comes from. The builder will use this to refer to during the construction stages. These blueprints show the builder what is required to get the job completed.

When buildings are to be constructed, a permit is required. A builder will work with the client toward obtaining this permit. The builder also needs to survey the area where the building is to commence for drainage and other items that may affect construction. Once this has been sorted then a building project can go ahead. The builder remains on site during the structure assembly to make sure the building is done to the plan.

Once the assembly of the building has started then other tradespeople come in to play their part in the construction. Electricians will add the electrical wiring at a certain time, the plumbers will connect the water supply and drainage sections at other stages as well.

As the building nears completion other tradespeople will be called in to help with the completion. The builder has to have an understanding of what particular tradespeople are able to do and will organise tradespeople to come in at particular stages throughout the construction and finishing of the building.

The builder will oversee the work these people do to make sure it is up to standard. The builder also has to co-ordinate timing of particular tradespeople so that floor laying will not clash with the painting of the house. Each has to be done at the right time and stage.



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